Meet your frenchie

Go along to space with us 

Meet your frenchie

Go along to space with us 

The publication of Frenchie To Space is limited to 500 pieces and will be sold for 0.075 ETH

take a look at a selection

Red Laser Eyes

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Blue Laser Eyes

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Yellow Laser Eyes

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Yellow helmet & Gold teeth

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Bitcoin Eyes

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0 %

  • Launch of Website
  • Launch of Discord
  • Launch of  the Social media channels

25 %

  • Start of marketing campaign
  • First 100 holders will get the chance to be rewarded with a free FTS NFT

50 %

  • First  edition sold out !
  • FTS Merchandise drop
  • Special giveaway to random holders

75 %

  • Introducing second edition of 5055 pieces
  • 20 ETH charity donation
  • Free whitelist entering to the first 100 owners of the first edition frenchies


  • Release the 5055 frenchies to space
  • 25  ETH giveaway to the comunity 


Traits / Attributes


various options

Frenchie community

We don’t wish to compete with any of the incredible communities already established. We’re building another appendage of positivity and strength for the NFT Community while spreading awareness of Blockchain and NFT’S to the world. Plus, we’re going to space.


Loran / Designer 

Brenda / Designer 

Jeff / Developer

Aaron / Marketing


Frenchie to Space are handmade and randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as “NFTs”. There are 500 first edition Frenchies, each Frenchie completely unique, just like everyone in the world. Frenchie to Space is generated on a smart contract. the Frenchies are minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To purchase, visit our website : until minting is complete. Next, you may purchase from our collection on the OpenSea marketplace, which will be verified soon.

December 24th, 2021  12:00 UTC

Only 500 Frenchies exist.
including some limited edition super rare Frenchies going to space

Every Frenchie has unique traits and attributes, but some traits are more rare and special than others. For instance, many Frenchies may have a various astronaut helmets, but only a few Frenchies may have a  bitcoin chain. You may view all possible traits for Panda Paradise under “properties” on OpenSea. You can also use a third party tool known as Rarity Tools, which helps calculate how rare the combination of attributes on frenchie to space are and assign them a “Rarity Score”. Give it a try here:

Fair Distribution. There are no bonding curves here. Buying a frenchie will cost 0.075 ETH + Gas. There are no price tiers; frenchie to space entry costs the same for everyone.

Owning a Frenchie gives you an immense advantage and exclusive access to a premium selection of holder-only benefits inside both the digital and real world.

Yes! You will have total creative and commercial rights usage of your Frenchie for as long as you keep the NFT in your wallet. Feel free to create your own art derivatives as well as fashion. 

We believe that our holders deserve the best and that’s why a big piece of royalties from secondary sales will return to Frenchie holders at the end of each month, through various charities, special gifts, raffles, all from our community DAO wallet. Frenchie Holders will vote on which prizes to giveaway and which charities to donate to. In this way, our goal is to keep everyone actively involved with the project and hyped about future developments. Royalties will be set at 7.5% for secondary sales.